Let your ideas flourish!

Build your first major tech idea in our personalized learning accelerator programs in creative-technology.

Want to know a secret about the technology industry?

Many of the biggest companies we hear about today: Facebook, Amazon, Spotify, Google, Apple and Uber didn't start off with the crazy technology and infrastructure we now know them for...

Those companies were started by aspiring creative technologists and entrepreneurs, like yourself, who identified a unique opportunity and designed a minimally viable product (MVP) that they could take to market and expand into what we know them as today. 

Imagine your next product idea being successfully taken to market too.


What would you choose to build? We want to help you get started!

About the LAP 🏁

The Lab Accelerator Program (LAP) is Floreo Lab’s creative-tech learning accelerator for aspiring tech entrepreneurs and digital artists.


We help entrepreneurs launch early-stage business ideas prepared to achieve significant and sustainable growth without taking equity in their new products. 












The LAP program lasts 8 weeks. As a participant you will work with our staff to co-create a personalized curriculum, engage in product design and development workshops hosted by Floreo Labs educators, build your own products from scratch and foster meaningful relationships with the extended Floreo Labs community and business network. 


“The LAP is giving me the confidence and passion to have a bigger goal and help people through technology”

“I am learning a lot about the community and problems which are leading the way to me making a community-driven product”

"I was able to form the foundation of my app, work on the structure of my MVP, and learn how to pitch it!"


The program is $2500 per person. We don’t take any equity in your startup and you have full ownership of your IP.  Currently we cannot provide individual funding, but we will jumpstart any participating member with a chance to win funding as a part of our venture competition at our Tech | Hustle | Culture conference in 2020.


Is payment due all at once?

No! Payment is not due at once. It's free to sign up and get started!

Can I break my payments up?

Yes we have multiple payment options to make the program accessible! 


We're looking for teens and adults with a passion for working in the technology field or a demonstrated interest in using technology in their entrepreneurship or creative-arts.

General Requirements:

  • Must have access to a computer

  • Must be able to meet virtually

  • Must be available to meet weekly 


What if I don’t have a creative product idea?


No worries! We’ll help you ideate a unique one to start in the program!

What if I can’t make the meeting time?


The meeting hours are flexible! Let’s talk about times that work better for you!

Do I need coding experience or a technical degree to participate?


No! This program will accelerate anyone’s creative career in technology!

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