We drive innovation and grow businesses by bringing together the necessary people, resources and skills organizations need to flourish in the digital age.

Our teams research ways technology and digital trends are transforming the world around us and help businesses adapt to be ahead of the curve.


We work with teams of all sizes to discover areas where creative solutions in technology and management can drive your organization's longterm success and value.

We teach new hires, managers, and teams essential tech skills to increase their creativity, problem solving, and workplace productivity by at least 30% in our corporate training programs. 

Our partners help your business discover key areas of strategic focus allowing you to build more successful and innovative product and engineering teams.



We have worked with various educational institutions to bring culturally-responsive tech education to students of all ages.

We can help your staff develop various software skills, train your students through e-learning and physical classes with mentors in the Lab, or host unique educational programs around STEM at your school.

Some areas we focus on

Talent Acquisition

Employee resource classes, workshops and trainings

DEI Training and Facilitation

Candidate Onboarding

Product Management and Consulting

AGILE Coaching

Design/Brand Management and Consulting

Technical Management and Consulting

Remote IT Support

Women Colleagues

Strengthen your candidate pools with a diverse tech talent pipeline.

Our unique methods for talent acquisition and recruiting help companies create diverse hiring pipelines that attract top talent while uniquely demonstrating their brand value and company culture to interested candidates.

Check out how we helped one large Fortune 500 enterprise Cloud-computing company in New York creatively bridge the technology gap with their next generation of talent through our work sourcing and recruiting diverse candidates.


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Design and embed modern technology  in ways to reach your fullest potential.

We help our clients leverage the power of data and artificial intelligence, modernize their capabilities byway of new technology, and optimize and automate business operations to fuel digital growth by connecting them to the best talent and cultural leaders in technology.

We understand how technology and digital trends are transforming your world and business. Let us uncover areas of interest and discover where value exists for you. 

Transform onboarding to accelerate learning and enable your people to make impact.

We specialize in helping organizations develop exceptional leaders, strong teams, and inclusive organizations in the shortest time necessary through employee onboarding around essential skills and best practices.

Our programs include short, research-based, interactive, workshops that transform essential skills into lasting habits (100% of participants say they’ve learned useful skills and 100% report seeing the impact of training 6 months later).