We work with educational providers to bring culturally-responsive tech education to students and staff of all ages.

We can help your staff develop various software skills, train your students through e-learning and physical classes with mentors in the Lab, or host unique educational programs around STEM at your school.

We specialize in developing immersive and culturally-responsive technology education programs for diverse learners and teachers 

Our programs give underrepresented tech talent the opportunity to develop their skills and join some of the most innovative tech companies in the world

Our Services Include

Mock Interviewing and Technical Assessments

Industry panels and mentorship connections

Career readiness services

Curriculum Development

Train-the-Trainer upskilling

Digital Marketing

Expert-led classes, workshops and trainings 

LMS Design and Content Management

IT and Maintenance


education for future technology leaders.

We create learning experiences rooted in real-world problem solving to prepare any student for the future of work. We teach students to be active participants in the world around them and to see technology as a tool for creating meaningful change.  

Our community network is comprised of professionals in both the Education and Technology sectors that can help your staff create curriculum, design immersive instructional materials, and guide lessons and classes to be focused on preparing students for industry positions in technology and business.

Bringing top industry expertise  to all students

One of the most important aspects of shaping a student's future success is to pair them with mentors that are invested in their present success. Our community members have participated in private coaching, speaking engagements, classes/workshops, networking events and even live conferences with the goal of connecting students to the tech industry in more culturally inclusive contexts and formats. 

We can help your school develop unique career readiness programs and mentor-backed training to students that is customized to your student body and academic values.

Preparing teachers with life enhancing tech skills

Our trainings help teachers learn the best practices for allowing students to be creative and innovative. Preparing teachers with skills in Design Thinking, AGILE development and Project Management allow them to make more impact in their work and help more students learn to develop an engineering mindset early.  

Our train-the-trainer programs equip teachers with these vital skills, instructional resources, and consistent remote support to allow them to empower their students to be leaders in and outside of the classroom.