Frequently asked questions

How can I get a project started?

We make it easy to get started with a new project in the Lab! Tell us more about your idea here and we'll reach out to schedule a free 30-minute session where we will confidentially discuss your idea and determine the best way we can collaborate with you moving forward! car starting gif

Where is the Lab?

Okay so boom ... get this. We are a 100% distributed company meaning we don't have any one physical HQ anywhere. While the Lab is incorporated and has a small office in New York, our team spends quite a lot of time traveling for our projects and for that reason most of our daily operations are handled digitally. We have a number of satellite working locations in San Diego, Chicago, and New York and would be happy to coordinate meeting with you in any of those areas. Email us at info@floreolabs.org and we can help identify how to bring the Lab to you!

How do you price your design and development services?

For individual clients and small businesses looking to design or develop projects in the Lab we scope our work out by hour and have a standard rate for all of our services that begins at $50/hr. Our team works with you to understand your project idea, and the number of hours it'll take us to create a solid product. Then, we give you an estimate based on that number. That being said, don't be discouraged if it seems large! We try to make our pricing model work for our customers and we're flexible in either working with you to create a budget friendly number of hours or monthly payment options to make your project development affordable!

What is the AGILE approach?

Agile is a project development methodology that we utilize in the Lab that basically prioritizes iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between our clients, our teams and other community stakeholders. Agile encourages frequent inspection and adaptation while building out a project, meaning we test as we go and build incrementally toward whatever the large goal of the product is. The benefits of working with an AGILE development team like Floreo Labs is that 1) This project development methodology can help us both cut large costs in time and money 2) By breaking your large product idea down into smaller but functional iterations we can more clearly demonstrate your project's core features, while also having an opportunity to test those features early which can make or break a product in the market and 3) Using Agile allows us to develop any complicated project reliably and sustainably over time.

What is an MVP?

If you hear us shouting out "MVP MVP" in the Lab just know that it's because 1) we're always cheering you on and 2) we're helping you define your "Minimum Viable Product" which is your project idea scaled down to its most core features allowing you the opportunity to test and validate your business assumptions and market value. We value helping our clients design and develop their MVPs because you can do a lot with a little. Having a solid MVP can help you attract early customers, investors, and users in a way that provides them value while also providing you valuable insight and research opportunity to understand how your product needs to change to continue to scale to the market.

Can I become a member of the Lab?

The answer is yes and it comes with some perks! Members of the Lab enjoy discounted and often times free services, access to premier educational content and a supportive network of creative peers that are ready and willing to help you take your project to the next level. If you're interested in joining the Lab you can start by attending some of our classes or events!