Our community based network of creative professionals is here to see you flourish on your own terms.

You can experience working with us — however, whenever, and wherever you want — with our seamlessly integrated physical and digital programming designed around you.

We specialize in developing immersive and culturally-responsive technology solutions for diverse learners and entrepreneurs 

Our programs give underrepresented tech talent the opportunity to develop their skills and join some of the most innovative tech companies in the world

Our Services Include

Professional networking

Expert-led classes, workshops and trainings

Career development and Interview prep

Business Development

Project Management

Digital Marketing and Advertising

UI/UX and Design Thinking

Software Engineering and Data Science

IT and Network Maintenance

Accelerate your  growth with industry ready content customized to your goals.

Our team specializes in creating educational programs personalized for individual learners. We have created a program that accelerates your journey into the technology sector while allowing you the opportunity to focus on your personal and professional passions. 

Click to learn more about our Lab Accelerator Program, where we pair you with industry mentors, teach you skills in product design, product marketing and product development while we work on launching a creative product together.

Image by Charles Deluvio

Connect with our partners to build out your visions and bring your ideas to life.

Our network of creative-technologists work around the world and the clock to design some of the most innovative solutions to problems our communities are facing. We coach and consult with individuals looking to learn new skills, or working on challenging projects that are difficult to solve alone. 

We can connect you to an industry professional that is ready and able to help you develop various skills, or creatively solve your problems in the Lab. 



Grow in your career as a member of our community! 

Our community is open and growing. We work with individuals committed to making an impact in their work by prioritizing culturally-responsive practices of design, development, and management. 

We can help you continue to grow professionally at any stage of your career, whether in the quest to develop new technical skills, learn more about coaching/consulting or even starting your own business. Our company is built around the strength of our community, and it would be a pleasure to learn more about your background and ways we can connect and collaborate!