About Us

We are an early-stage creative-technology laboratory specializing in culturally-infused practices of education, design & development.

Our Mission

To make education in technology & entrepreneurship more creative, immersive, and accessible for all.

Our Vision

To build the world's most diverse ecosystem of

creative-technologists committed to using holistic practices in education, design and development to usher in a new era of humane technology.


Floreo Labs was founded in 2019 by Cameron Flowers (left) and Kheperah Ray (right) two engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, and brothers from Chicago that boast nearly a decade of combined experience in creative-technology project development in a variety of disciplines including: Design, Software & Hardware Development, Digital Branding, and Education.


The name Floreo pays homage to their extended family's Belizean roots, referencing the phrase on the country's Coat of Arms "Sub Umbra Floreo" which translates to "Under the shade, I flourish."


Where on the Belizean flag this "shade" comes from the symbolism and grandeur of a Mahogany tree, the shade under which both Flowers and Ray intend for the world to flourish under is Floreo Labs (the Lab), an organization committed to increasing the number of creative-technologists and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds worldwide.

A message from the Lab with love <3


Our Values


We think about the purpose and impact of our actions longterm and seek to identify, address and solve potential problems that would otherwise hinder sustainability over-time.

Life-long Learning

We value being growth-minded. We look at every experience as a learning or teachable opportunity and allow our personal experiences, successes, and failures to help shape us in dynamic ways.

Open to Collaboration

We prioritize creating inclusive environments for people to learn and grow together. Teamwork means everyone has skin in the game, a unique perspective to contribute, as well as the opportunity to always be actively listened to and supported.

Responsive Culture

We believe in developing, people, products and policies that are capable of learning from and relating respectfully to people from our own and other cultural backgrounds. We are building an inclusive Lab where everyone finds support in having their personal/professional needs met.


We support each other in harnessing the power of our ideas to discover ways to turn them into our own personal institutions. We are a community of leaders, creators and self-starters that share knowledge and expertise and value a culture allowing people to come as they are.

Out of the Box

We look beneath the surface and beyond the horizon to broaden our perspectives and possibilities. We apply a holistic and humane approach to our work to remove psychological and institutional barriers to the success of our creative-thinking and personal wellbeing. 



Our Community

Our mission is much bigger than increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in technology. We believe in empowering our network to make a transformational impact in their communities through their leadership, creativity, and entrepreneurship in technology.


We are a personal and professional educational support system for diverse creative-technologists worldwide. Our programs, classes, and events are grooming the next generation of change-makers, activists, and community leaders prepared to use technology in their mission to change the world for the better. 


There's still a lot of work left to do, and we could not do it without a single member of our growing community.


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