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We're an
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Advancing economic growth, job creation, and community development nationwide using modern technology*.

*technology: anything created to solve a problem and make life easier

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Our mission is to eliminate economic inequality in regional innovation ecosystems by making the innovation process accessible for individuals and enterprises of every background. Our UMBRA™ approach enables anyone to design thoughtful solutions, gather feedback and adapt to change in sustainable and scalable ways. 

Chart demonstrating the stages of the Floreo Labs Approach to Innovation: Understand, Mobilize, Build, Reflect and Adapt
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Illuminate, ideate, innovate—repeat.

Hear our founder, Cam, explain how Floreo works.

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Tell us about your sector, and we’ll uncover your community needs and gaps. Within days, you’ll be getting to the root of real problems, designing smarter solutions, integrating feedback, and measuring your impact.


Build teams that accelerate your org's impact. Through tailored learning, development and assessment of digital and technical skills, we help you find the best way to staff your org to drive innovation and efficiency longterm.

UMBRA™ in Action

Our lab has used the UMBRA™ approach to support business leaders at every stage in executing initiatives to grow their revenue and scale their impact. With our years of business, technology and educational expertise, we've created tools to make these processes easier for all leaders to flourish.

Designing Initiatives with Direct Economic Impact

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Technical training that works for everyone, starts with everyone.

When, formerly Yes We Code, set out to create a national pipeline of diverse tech talent and transform the industry’s culture, they turned to Floreo. Together, we developed holistic curricula, classroom instruction and groundbreaking assessments that valued culture from the very beginning, supporting the next generation of underrepresented tech leadership. Logo
Client Testimonial- Kasheef Wyzard, National Program Director of

“Floreo is an ideal partner. Not just a vendor that one would hire to execute something that’s already been built. Their team of consultants are real time collaborators helping to drive systemic change.”

National Director, Dream.Org
Client Testimonial- Chantee Hallett- Attorney & Business Owner

“We had a unique idea and didn’t know who else to contact. No one else is making creative tech accessible the way that Floreo Labs is. They made it seem like it was possible to get this idea off the ground and then showed us the way.”

Attorney & Founder of 21 Titles

Our Team

Cameron Flowers


Founder Cam Flowers

Artist and engineer Cam Flowers is igniting entrepreneurship in communities underrepresented in tech.

Naomi Arroyo


Co-founder Naomi Arroyo

Educator and artist Naomi Arroyo is ensuring that the next generation of organizational leaders understand how creativity drives innovation.



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