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How one founder turned a virtual tutoring idea into his company’s first $300k 


Before joining the Lab Accelerator Program, Demetrius Lancaster had a visionary idea to revolutionize student engagement in literacy. Turning this concept into a tangible, tech-enabled solution, however, was daunting. Without a clear pathway from ideation to implementation, his groundbreaking idea risked remaining just that—an idea.

Lab Accelerator Program

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The year 2021 brought unprecedented challenges to educational systems nationwide, deeply affected by the disruptions of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Amidst this crisis, Demetrius Lancaster, a passionate former K-8 school leader turned educational technologist saw an urgent need.


His mission? To revolutionize how educators and families unite to bolster students' social, emotional, and academic development. At the helm of his non-profit, Joy Education, Demetrius was driven to transform personalized literacy support, with a desire to integrate cutting-edge digital solutions to empower students and families navigating the new normal of education.


Floreo partnered with Joy Education to research and develop a virtual literacy tutoring solution for students struggling to read at grade level.

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  • Empathy maps

  • User Personas

  • Problem Statement

  • Solution Statement

  • Business Model Canvas

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"What I learned during the LAP is a process that replicates in any case of business and development. With this repeatable approach to design and building, I learned not to make a 12 month plan and put my head down and go to work. Instead, I learned how to be agile, plan out 3 months, and make time to reflect and adapt. Above all I learned to empathize with the person closest to the problem space and this is a mindset I have adopted as a founder leader.


Reimagining Literacy Support

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