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Our Strategic Planning Flow

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Ready for another peek behind the scenes at The Daily Flo? We're back with Episode 2, and this time we're sharing strategic planning process.

🎯 What's Cookin' in This Episode:

[10:04] Time Blocking FTW: We're spilling the tea on how we turn those weekly sprint goals into actual wins by time blocking our calendars. Trust us, it's the secret sauce.

[17:30 ] Behind-the-Scenes Scoop: Get ready for some updates from the trenches. We're sharing lessons from the marketing ops and product ops zones – the good, the great and the lessons learned.

[25:03] Templates Unleashed: Ever wondered how we keep our ship sailing smoothly? Templates, my friend. We're dishing on our not-so-secret tools for nailing down our strategy.

[33:00] Reality Check: Buckle up as we take you through a real-world example. Yup, we're showing you how our strategic planning templates paved the way for our 2023 marketing game plan.

Get cozy with us on The Daily Flo as we spill all the deets on how we strategize our way to success. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button – we're dropping new gems every day to keep your innovation vibes flowing!

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