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Get a dashboard
that makes your business flow

 Lead your startup to greater levels of profit or impact in less time.

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70% of all leadership efforts fail.

Without a plan to manage change...

  1. You waste resources on the wrong things

  2. Generating revenue becomes a hurdle

  3. You fail to deliver on your mission


We help leaders move from idea to I did it.

As entrepreneurs and consultants we know firsthand how overwhelming growing a business can be.

Floreo has supported business operators from organizations at every stage executing plans for growing revenue and scaling impact. We took our insights from working with dozens of companies and transformed them into a simple tool built with every leader in mind, including you!

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Build your internal capacity to lead high performing orgs

Our business dashboard helps leaders

  1. Align all business tasks and workflows

  2. Effectively allocate resources to initiatives

  3. Assess performance frequently and adapt

Image of the Floreo Labs Innovataion Dashboard, a project management tool designed to keep you in business

Start your dashboard


Create an account and turn your goals into a plan in 5 minutes or less.

Design your workflow


Use your dashboard to organize deliverables, test metrics and get insights to adapt in real-time.

Grow your business


Reach your goals, adapt with ease and watch your business grow.


Your leadership shouldn't go to waste.

Ready to save time and make more impact? Sign up now to get early access to our innovation platform.

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