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Prioritizing Wellness with Work Wiser Wednesday

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

How we're prioritizing wellness and cultivating agile mindsets in the latest episode of The Daily Flo!

📊 Episode Highlights:

- [2:18] Behind the Curtain of Our Daily Huddle: You're invited to our daily huddle – where progress meets reality. We get real about the ways in which we are adapting our workflows to address blocks in the production and development process.

- [6:22] Work Wise Wednesday Wisdom: Ever heard of "Work Wise Wednesday"? That’s because we made it up! Learn how we prioritize health and strategically pivot for ultimate success, in life and work.

- [28:41] BTS on our latest email marketing experiment: We’re demoing a new tool we are testing to reignite our email marketing efforts. If you’ve ever used Mail Chimp or HubSpot to send an email, then you need to check this out!

So, if you're all about optimizing your workflow, cultivating an innovator’s mindset, and staying on top of marketing ops like a pro, then this episode is not to be missed. Hit that subscribe button to stay in the loop, and let's keep innovating together!

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