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We are a diverse team of creative technologists and understand the importance of community-driven design.

While working with clients throughout their product lifecycle, we maintain transparent communication and respond quickly to change.

We focus development around client needs and user outcomes to consistently deliver functional results.




“Floreo Labs has been an enormous support in turning my vision for a project into something concrete. The help, guidance, and assistance I received at the Labs has helped me go from ideation to action."

Asiya / Founder / Gentle Mental

Floreo Labs is a place where you can bring your ideas, test them and build them. The insights and discussions that happen ultimately yield a better version of anything I put in, regardless of that being any of my projects or myself as an engineer. Its diverse & talented team is the sun, water & soil that can help your product flourish.”

Alejandro /  Engineer & Inventor 

“One of the greatest differentiators between Cameron and Kheperah and other tech consultants is that all of their work, and strategic advice is purpose driven. Cam and Kheperah don’t stop at simply equipping you with information and innovation that will help your business grow, but they will help your business be a more impactful and socially valuable entity.”

Austin Martin /  Founder & CEO  / Rhymes With Reason

Working with the Lab opened up a new set of possibilities for our organization.   Instead of simply providing me with a solution, they made sure I understood my options in terms of what was technically feasible and when I made a decision to proceed, they worked with me to understand the ins and outs of the solution.  It was clear from the beginning that Cameron and Kheperah stay on top of the latest tech innovations.  They use this industry awareness to build the foundation for their projects that will ensure success down the road. 

Alex Ocampo / Co-Founder & Tech Lead / Hire Harlem


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