We specialize in developing inclusive and culturally-responsive tech education programs for diverse learners and companies 

Our programs give underrepresented tech talent the opportunity to develop their skills and join some of the most innovative tech companies in the world

Our Community Includes



Harnessing the power of inclusion and diversity allows your business to better adapt to change and innovate with more impact.


We can help you create a more inclusive company culture, identify and remove spaces of potential bias from your recruitment & hiring practices, and successfully train as well as retain diverse staff through our unique educational initiatives in the Lab.



We have worked with various educational institutions to bring culturally-responsive tech education to students of all ages.

We can help your staff develop various software skills, train your students through e-learning and physical classes with mentors in the Lab, or host unique educational programs around STEM at your school.



We design and host classes for aspiring creative-technologists of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you're just getting started in tech, or looking to continue a career of life-long learning, we are prepared to help through our unique classes, meetups, and conferences . 


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