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Streamlining Success: Retrospectives, Experimenting with SendGrid, and Lab Product Updates

Updated: Sep 11

Welcome back to another episode of The Daily Flo! Today, we're diving straight into our process for evaluating sprint outcomes, our email marketing test results and updates from a week of hacking on our latest innovation product!

🔍 Episode Highlights:

[2:10] The Power of Retrospectives: Join us as we take you through our retrospective process – a candid look at what went exceptionally well, where we could have upped our game, and the strategic steps we're planning for the future. This is our compass for continuous improvement!

[29:00] Experiment of the Week Results: We're opening up about our SendGrid experiment – the wins, the challenges, and the valuable insights we gained from revamping our email marketing.

[34:44] Lessons from Innovation Management Dashboard: Innovation doesn't happen overnight, and neither does developing a groundbreaking dashboard. We're sharing the behind-the-scenes tales of product development, the roadblocks we tackled, and the wisdom we harvested.

No frills, just our real experiences navigating the peaks and valleys of innovation. Whether you're a fellow innovator, an entrepreneur, or just someone hungry for the real scoop, this episode has plenty of 💎.

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